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Designed specifically to move today's regional, corporate and military aircraft, the TT-8's low-profile design, standard All-Wheel Drive, hitch sight tunnels and standard power steering and braking make it the best aircraft tractor on the market today. The TT-8 is also available as the TT-8/2, which comes standard with dual rear wheels for a wider operator's compartment and added stability.

The Eagle TT-8 is capable of pulling a wide range of aircraft in all weather conditions.  Please review the chart below for a representation of aircraft that the Eagle TT Series is capable of moving in all weather conditions.



Product Highlights

  All TT-series tractors come standard with brakes on all four (4) wheels, and front disc brakes provide a greater degree of control and safety when handling aircraft


  User friendly top and side engine compartment access makes for easier, more timely scheduled maintenance


  Ergonomic side operator entry and power steering allow for smooth and safe operation


  Front and rear sight tunnels allow operators to view towbars without the use of mirrors, providing safer and more efficient operations



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